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Name: Sue     ( Dementia Exercise rehabilitation) 

My husband John has dementia and after years of enjoying keeping fit at a large gym found that he could no longer cope with the size, layout and noise of a large gym. Finding Fitness without Boundaries has been the perfect answer. John continues to keep fit in the small setting with one to one attention with trainers that completely understand the problems of someone with dementia. The atmosphere is relaxed, the conversations/advice clear and encouraging. John even has Frank Sinatra playing gently in the background for him!  I had intended just sitting watching but, for the first time in a gym setting, I too am on the bikes and treadmill!!  It really is a win win situation.

Thank you Raph for being there for us both.

Sue sue feedback form


Jackie Starr ( Ms Exercise Rehabilitation) 

I first went to the gym in June 2018 (referral by the MS nurse at Northampton General Hospital).

When I first used the gym I did need some assistance in getting on the equipment.

Gradually my stamina has increased and I feel my walking has definitely improved. I can now confidently use all of the equipment unaided.   The exercise bike and treadmill have various settings so it is quite beneficial to monitor progress. I tend to keep to a 15 minute schedule on all of the apparatus. I keep a notebook on my progress with the rowing machine denoting distance and the strength settings.

People of all abilities are welcome.

The qualified and friendly staff have been helpful in all areas.

I will continue to use the gym as I can feel how beneficial it has been.

Case study:

Paul’s  ( Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation) 

The 5th August 2014 a life-changing moment. An unexpected diagnosis of prostate cancer with the word ‘advanced’ fronting the phrase. Confusion, shock, anger and an emotional roller-coaster ride for a few weeks while trying to comprehend my diagnosis as well as starting the medication; a 3 monthly injection to destroy the testosterone in my system in an attempt to slow down the spread of the cancer.

Two weeks later, results of a bone scan: negative. Great relief and a realisation that whilst my situation wasn’t great it could have been worse.

Throughout the following year with a dramatically falling PSA, checked every 3 months, I began to feel that maybe I could deal with having the cancer by not letting it control me. So I decided to face up to it and attempt to live a more positive and active life.

Some months later, while driving home one evening, I tuned in to a discussion on R4 between a doctor and scientist, about the benefits of exercise, but particularly among those with cancer. Their reason being that as chemo is such an attack on the body, preparing one’s body to better cope with treatment is crucially important. As the programme drew to an end and I arrived home I made the decision that I would go swimming 1st thing the next morning before breakfast, regularly, in my local pool, at the end of my road….probably my last visit had been at least 15 years earlier!

Early surprises:

  • I enjoyed it
  • Quickly put up my schedule from 2 sessions to 3 per week,
  • Extended my session from 30 to 50 minutes.
  • Started my day in a much more positive frame of mind,

After a few weeks, swimming had become an important and integral part of my life. Three mornings a week I walked from my house to the pool on the darkest of winter mornings. I could deal with my condition! I was feeling great!!

A preliminary meeting to discuss my situation and needs happened between myself and RD towards the end of January 2017 and we discussed going down the line of private one to one sessions which RD does and uses the Wellness gym with all its great kit and my 1st of 10 sessions (2 per week) began that Feb.

My initial feelings were positive and excited. I felt it had been a good decision. I enjoyed the 1st session. I looked forward to the next.

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