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Who we help at the Wellness Gym. 

Exercise can be hard enough, but for those with disabilities, there are significant extra challenges to overcome depending upon the disability. From mobility issues to the ability to safely follow instruction, the gym can sometimes feel alien or a scary dangerous place yet the benefits of exercise regardless of age and health are endless. Regular exercise stops muscle wastage, helps reduce weight, tone up areas of excess skin but also can help regulate sleep, blood pressure problems and appears not to mention just feeling good and positive.

Furthermore, Fitness without boundaries looks after those who suffer a long-term illness. The Fitness without boundaries Wellness area helps take your exercise rehabilitation needs from the NHS after it has finished it treatment that it can give you.

Following a major health trauma, e.g. a stroke, Brain injury and Heart attack  the NHS can only offer their services for a limited period of time.  Whilst the NHS may continue to check up on us, they do not have enough money to keep you in the specialist rehabilitation service and that is were Fitness without Boundaries comes in and helps take it from the NHS and gives you that support both physical and mental.




What is on offer at the Wellness Gym.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified trainers has significant experience of working with and helping those with a wide range of disabilities and health issues. Our specialist care and one to one attention can help show you how to achieve the results you want so that you do not have to worry about feeling out of place or not knowing what to do. Our dedicated professionals will take you step by step through everything on each and every session you want so that you ensure not only that what you are doing is safe and right for you but that also the time you spend exercising is fun.



  • £8 Pay as you Go  (Per sessions)
  • £5 Pay as you Go  ( Per session only with Activity on referral)
  • £30 Monthly  ( T and c apply)



Who we work with.

We work closely with many doctors in Northamptonshire on a referral scheme for those who could benefit from exercise.  Because they know and value our expertise in this area. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. We have some MS (multiple sclerosis) links through Northamptonshire. Furthermore, we have now got a strong link with Parkinson’s, Stroke and Cancer NHS team and charities which send us people that need help with their exercise rehabilitation.

Why do they recommend us?

Whether it be you need to lose weight, blood pressure issues, sleep problems, disability and in need of avoiding muscle wastage or a host of more. Our skills and experience in all these fields are why G.Ps in Northampton understand the value we bring that is why we are proud to be on the activity on referral . The scheme is run in order for you to get the most out of each session.

Our Location.

Wellness Gym at Lodge Farm Community Centre, Crestwood Road, Northampton NN3 8JJ

Charity Number 1160043

The Fitness Without Boundaries is grateful to have received an award from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund. This funding will be helping us to keep our charity a live and be their for the local community and also help those who are coming through Covid – 19 and help them get back to health with our exercise rehabilitation services.   Thanks to the Government for making this possible.


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Lodge Farm Community Centre, Crestwood Road, Northampton NN3 8JJ

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